Sword Art Online Medley Tutorial [Synthesia]

Current Piano Experience: 2 Years 6 Months

Yoyoyoyooooooo. Currently working on my next piece, not anime related but you've all probably watched it several years ago and LOVED IT (Hint: Koumpounophobia AKA Fear of Buttons). I had DMs from random people asking me to upload the tutorial for certain parts where the overlayed clips covered my hands... so VOILA. There are the occasional one or two notes that are actually played by the right hand but are coloured as the left hand (Or vice versa) but just use your brain for anything unrealistic and you should be fine.

Alright just finished SAO War of Underworld Part 1. I'm prolly done with SAO for a while now unless I REAAALLLYY like the OP/ED/OSTs of Part 2 which airs July 11 (I mean Unlasting was really beautiful but I don't think I coulda captured the emotion on piano)

Once again big ass thanks to CC. He literally put together the visuals because he's a nice human being. Go sub to his channel rn... He live records INSANE covers, I'm talking absolutely nutty: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwB74JoORzHoC7E6umT931w


If any of you have tips or feedback for a self-taught noob, please comment them below!

Original Artist(s): LiSA/Eir Aoi/Yuki Kajiura
Clips owned/published by: -
Disclaimer: All piano covers are for personal, non-commercial use. I made the covers myself. All music belongs to the original artist(s).
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