SGIS | STD 11 Com.English | Grammar : Noun Part : 2 | GSEB | Ft.Ketan Kanpariya | G313

Jay Swaminarayan! Welcome SGIS : Online Gurukul,

SGIS | STD 11 Com.English | Grammar : Noun Part : 2 | GSEB | Ft.Ketan Kanpariya | G313

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School is an establishment of world-class education catering to a well-designed curriculum like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE & PUC. A paradise of learning for your child encompassing technology aids in education like interactive smart classrooms, tablets, laboratories, etc. along with gorgeous campus landscaping sprawling grounds for sports and other facilities, creating a highly educational environment, that can comfort students from around the world.

But, that is not everything for sustained success & a bright future of your child. Midst today's materialistic education system, Gurukul unfolds the answer to the true educational philosophy, that will cater abstract and missing needs of Sadvidya, the value system that will personify your child with respect, dedication, discipline, integrity and such moral values along with Brahmvidya, the spiritual education.

Let us spread the true education system.

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:: Vision & Mission ::

प्रवर्तनिया सद्विद्या भूवि यत्सुकृतं महत्
Propagate true wisdom in the world, the most noble endeavor

To see world full of individuals at the highest level of humanity and spirituality.

To transform each individual by giving them the power, opportunities and culture to attain the highest level of humanity and spirituality.

:: History ::

Sadguru Shastriji Maharaj Shri Dharmajivandasji Swami pioneered the Gurukul Tradition for the first time ever in 1948 A.D., Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Rajkot.

Rajkot Gurukul Branch List in India
* Rajkot Gurukul (Headquarters)
* Junagadh Gurukul
* Surat Gurukul
* Hyderabad Gurukul
* Taravada Gurukul (The Birthplace Of Shastriji Maharaj)
* Navsari Gurukul
* Mumbai Gurukul
* Bangalore Gurukul
* Narmada Gurukul - Nilkanth dham Poich
* Gyanbag Gurukul
* Gulbarga Gurukul
* Bidar Gurukul
* Vadodara Gurukul
* Raipur Gurukul
* Morbi Gurukul
* Vidyanagar Gurukul
* Bhayavadar Gurukul
* Keshod Gurukul
* Una Gurukul
* Solapur Gurukul
* Jadcherla Gurukul
* Vijayawada Gurukul
* Nagpur Gurukul
* Navi Mumbai (Chowk)
* Patadi Gurukul - Varnindra Dham Patdi
* Bhavnagar Gurukul
* Ratanpar Gurukul
* Delhi NCR
* Jamnagar Gurukul

Rajkot Gurukul Branch List in Out Country
* Dallas Gurukul
* Phoenix Gurukul
* New Jersey Gurukul
* Chicago Gurukul
* Santo Domingo Gurukul
* London, UK Gurukul
* Atlanta Gurukul
* Los Angeles Gurukul
* Toronto Gurukul
* Melbourine Gurukul
* SpringField Gurukul
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