HUGE Group Mix!

ALL ENTRANTS of giveaways must follow the rules and guidelines set for by YouTube’s policies, terms and conditions. Follow the link below to read YouTube’s terms and conditions:

1. All entrants must claim their prize/s won within 24 hours from the time in which the entrant won the prize/s. There is no cost or obligation to enter this giveaway. Any personal information collected such as address or phone number will only be used to send out your winnings, once prize has been shipped your personal information will be destroyed and or deleted.
YouTube is NOT a sponsor of this giveaway and is in no way affiliated with the channel doing the giveaway. ALL ENTRANTS/WINNERS must release YouTube from all liabilities related to the giveaway.
2. PRIVACY: The winners will be required to provide their name and address and or PayPal information in order to receive their winnings. After receiving confirmation the winnings were delivered to the winner, all personal  information will be destroyed.
3. Adrenaline Scratcher fully and completely complies with all YouTube’s terms and conditions.
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