How to Keep the Chefs Happy

It’s rare that one would move to another country purely because of how it looked in a film...but our guest did just that and it only took the perfect job opportunity to tempt to return to the UK.

I’m Susan Schwartz, your drinking companion, and this is, Lush Life Podcast, every week we are inspired to live life one cocktail at a time by everyone in this industry.

Jack Sotti, Senior Tanqueray Gin & World Class Ambassador at Diageo fell in love with New Zealand after seeing the Lord of the Rings movies. He bought a one way ticket to Auckland and the rest is history.

After wangling his first bar job there, his career took off and continued to rise, winning Australia’s Bartender of the Year at the Diageo Reserve World Class Australian finals in 2015. You’ll have to hear how he won that and what he did after in today’s episode.

Our cocktail of the week is Nocellara Gimlet


50ml Tanqueray Rangpur 2 Nocellara olives 25ml Lime juice 25ml Simple syrup METHOD

Muddle the olives in the shaker Add ice and shake hard to pulverise the olives Fine strain into a Nick and Nora glass Garnish with a Nocellara Olive --

If you are confused by the UK use of millilitres and want to know how many ounces to use or vice versa, you can find a downloadable cocktail measurement converter on my website, where you’ll find this recipe, more gimlet recipes, plus all the cocktails of the week, as well as links to all the ingredients.

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