Hand Embroidery for Beginners 2020, How to embroider Mandarin Duck刺繡入門2020,如何刺繡鴛鴦——中國的愛情鳥?

00:06 Prepared embroidery silk thread and artwork準備的繡線、圖稿
01:10 Embroidering male mandarin duck with slanted satin stitch, shaded satin stitch for bird feathers, stem stitch, knot stitch, etc. 繡制雄鴛鴦(缠针、套針、羽毛針、遊針、打籽針等)
26:53 Embroidering female mandarin duck with slanted satin stitch, shaded satin stitch for bird feathers, stem stitch, knot stitch, etc. 繡制雌鴛鴦(缠针、套針、羽毛針、遊針、打籽針等)
46:26 Embroidering aquatic plants, duckweed and water waves with star stitch, straight satin stitch, stem stitch繡制水草(松針)、浮萍(直針)和水波(遊針)
57:23 Completed and show the effect完成效果

Hand Embroidery for Beginners 2020, How to embroider the Chinese love bird-Mandarin Duck刺繡入門2020,如何繡中國的愛情鳥——鴛鴦?
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Shaded Satin Stitch started in the Tang Dynasty and became quite mature in the Song Dynasty. Stitches of irregular shaded satin stitch are reasonably scattered, with very natural transition of the color. No stitch-trace can be found in its application. It is good at expressing the integration of colors of different shades and changes, possessing the effect of shaded dyeing in Chinese paintings. We could use this advanced stitch for Bird feathers.

Star Stitch is named so because it radiates outward from the center. This stitch is suitable for embroidering pine needles, water weeds, as well as the stamens of plum blossoms and peach flowers, etc.

Straight satin stitch can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC–25 AD).
It is composed of vertical lines. Its short and dense stitch-lines can fully cover embroidery fabrics and even bring about patterns independently. In the course of embroidery, threads advance toward the same direction, with even fringes and mono-color.
直針的歷史可以追溯到西漢時期(206BC—25AD)。直針由垂直線條組成,針腳短、密,能夠鋪滿底布甚至獨立繡出圖案紋樣。刺繡時繡線朝一個方向,邊口勻整, 用色較為單一。

This needlework of Stem Stitch follows the curved line of patterns through connection. Threads for such embroidery should be fine and the length of the stitches should be arranged properly to make the lines flowing, natural, and vivid.

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By Shao Xiaocheng Embroidery Research Institute in Beijing
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